The List

The List is the entire music industry broken down, simplified and explained, form the point of view of the Artist.

It's every role and responsibility that needs to be taken care of to move music forward.

Don’t freak out... you don’t need to do everything on The List now.

But you need to understand everything .... so you can see what's ahead, where the gaps are in what you’re doing now … and learn how to fill them.

Roles and responsibilities for moving music forward

Big picture

Vision / Intention Structure Legals General ideas / brainstorming Strategy development Relationships / partnerships Team building Managing The Team Opportunity creation Final decision makers Health & Well Being Central File Management


Master Budget / Watching Cash Flow Bookkeeping Getting paid - Live Getting paid - Releases Paying Invoices Bank Account Management Fundraising - Sponsorships Fundraising - Grants Accounting & Tax


Day to Day leadership comms Band Member Negotiations Band Member Communications Band Member Scheduling Rehearsal Scheduling Find a Manager

Creative Content Brand

Make a Promo Kit Content Budget Artwork & Branding Content Creation & Delivery Campaign Development Social Media Management Music Videos Social Media Posting

Playing Shows & Touring

Seeking Opportunities Booking Shows Show Budget Advancing Shows Production Management Booking Tours Tour Budget Advancing Tours & Logistics International Visas Find an Agent

Marketing Live & Releases

Promoting Shows Show Promotion Budget Promoting Tours Tour Promotion Budget Release Promotion Plan Release Promotion Budget Art & Content Media Releases Publicity Paid Digital Promotion Street Promotion Playlist Plugging Radio Plugging Campaign Roll Outs - Live Campaign Roll Outs - Releases


Merch Budget Artwork - Merch Manufacture & Freight Online Fulfilment

Recording, Releasing & Publishing

Delivering Recordings Studio Bookings Engaging Producers & Engineers Be the Label Rolling out Releases Budget - Music & Video Production Distribution & Royalties - Masters Royalty Reporting to Artists, Members & Partners Find a Label Song splits between Artists Be the Publisher Pitching for Synchs Collection & Royalties - Compositions Sample Clearance Find a Publisher
Centralized will help you stay on top of this list with your Plan that we build for you!

We tell you what you most urgently need to do next for where you are now...
and explain every role & responsibility in detail
with action lists, email templates, budgets, legal agreements in plain English and more crucial information.

Please download The List and stick it on your wall. Look at it everyday, and whatever you do, stay active.

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